Registering And Making Money On Gramfree Fake Or Real –

Registering And Making Money On Gramfree Fake Or Real – scam review

If you’re here to know more about Gramfree if its paying or not, then you’re in the right place.

This post will guide you if yow will quit or continue with Gramfree.

Introduction To Gramfree
These are the things in gramfree

* Android phone
*1 Hour of your precious time.
This project is powered by TELEGRAM, a multi million dollar company. YOU CAN GOOGLE IT FOR CONFIRMATION – GRAMFREE.

(1) Click on the link below and click sign up by selecting – continue with either FACEBOOK or GOOGLE Account. ( I advice you use Google Acc.) –
(2) Click on the three lines up left and click on DASHBOARD, and then click on SMART CONTRACT to earn minimum of $4.

(3) On your dashboard, scroll down and you will see “TIME TO ROLL”. Click on ” Go to Free” and then click on “Roll”. You earn up to$1 minimum and maximum of $200. ( NOTE: You can click on ROLL after every 1 hr to earn more.

(4) Click on the three lines on the top left and click on VIDEOS. You will be directed to watch 60 seconds video and earn $1 each( don’t click on play, just click on watch and once the 60sec countdown stops, it will mark it green, that means you’ve been paid.
In the video, you will see a lot of testimonies and withdrawal proofs. So you can decide to watch anyone by clicking the play bot


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