Review | How Legit/Real is Investinprofit Review | How Legit/Real is Investinprofit

INVESTINPROFIT  is an online investment platform, that integrates advanced digital software and artificial intelligence to trade in the Forex markets.

It was founded and registered in April 2016.

What this company does is that it accepts funds from investors, trade them in the forex market using their trading bots and pay returns to investors daily.


  • Funds are received and paid in bitcoin
  • the returns paid weekly Is 30% 
  • capitals are not locked; thus investors can withdraw their capital at any time and receive it the next day 


This company is registered and regulated.

www.investinprofit is a legit platform and has been paying since 2016 and no complain has been recorded since they started.


If you are scared of investing your money then fear no more because your money is safe with the company.

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