humble forex trading umzimkhulu 2020 –

humble forex trading umzimkhulu 2020 –

In 2020 we have 2 Investment options:
1.Social trading.You copy the strategy from the traders and you enjoy the profit.NB In this option you can make a lot of profit and there is a possibility of not making a profit.You only get profit from the account that you copy the strategy.In this option you get 75% and I get 25%.When I trade you can see all the opened positions,the history,growth and financial results.

2. 100% profit.In this option,you will create an account with Exness, fund your account and transfer funds to my trading account (NB Our monthly transfer is limited).I will then split the funds to multiple accounts and after 20 days of trading you get your profit.I will send the funds to your trading account and you will withdraw the funds to your bank account.If you do not want to create Exness trading account,you can create a Bitcoin Wallet and use your Bitcoin addresss to send and receive funds.

First option (Social Trading) is not limited but its got risk of not getting 100% and it also got good reward of getting more than 100%.If you invest small amount ,you will also get small profit.If you want to make good profit ,you will invest with good funds as well.

Second option it doesn’t have risk,you get your 100% guaranteed.From January 2019 we ve been using this option and it is possible to make that 100% profit.

We do not take any funds from the public.Those who are keen to invest in Forex Trading,will have to create  their own trading accounts (with Exness) and we will assist with basic knowledge and understanding.

Our 2020 vision, is to bring a good turnaround in our society.We do not want ONLY to feed people with fish and bread (like  Jesus Christ feeding the multitude),but we want to show them how to fish.

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“It’s always seems impossible until it’s done”


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