How To Recover Lost Bitcoin Money From MTI International

How To Recover Lost Bitcoin Money From MTI International

Have you ever investment in Mirror Trading International and could not withdraw your your money from the platform?

If you want to recover your money from MTI then you are a step close to getting your money back.

Kindly note that only the investment capital will be returned to you. Profit accrued will not be returned to you.

The FBI is joining forces with the liquidators of Mirror Trading International in the interest of several U.S. and local investors.

In January 2021, the Cape High Court in South Africa appointed a team of provisional liquidators to track assets and liabilities of the now defunct Mirror Trading International (MTI) which is expected to be followed with liquidation orders.

MTI went into final liquidation in June 2021, with the nation’s financial regulator calling it a Ponzi scheme.

The team alleges that Steynberg, currently believed to be in Brazil, has fast out key management workers from accessing MTI’s account with an area bank. In addition, management currently seems to verify earlier allegations that bitcoin withdrawal requests don’t seem to be working which confirms that it has been a long walk of Crypto currency Scam.


Steps To Recover your bitcoin from MTI

Before you proceed in recovery your BTC in MTI, you must get ready the following information:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • The amount invested
  • The of investment
  • Proof of the amount sent to MTI
  • Valid ID card
  • Valid BTC address to receive you lost btc

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