How To Create EA | Program Customized EA Robot Software System

How To Create EA | Program Customized EA Robot Software System

how to create a trading robot in mt4 and mt5

Are you interested in learning how to develop or create a professional EA that suites your trading strategy or you want me to create an EA that suites your trading strategy? Then you are on the right path. We will teach you on how to develop trading robots at a cheaper rate.

EA stands for Expert Advisor and its an automated way of trading, called algorithmic. I can develop or code a trading bot with any strategy or indicator of your choice.

I have written hundreds of EAs for traders. No matter how complicated they can be, I can write them if necessary. I will write EAs to work together for stable profitability.
Including EAs for trade news event and on MT5 just for a token.

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These are few of traders request i have done

  • Please can you write an EA that will close orders that are manually placed when the price closes below (Buy orders) or above (for sell orders) a moving average period say 10. So whether profitable or not profitable once the price (candle) closes below or above the moving average as the case will be let the order be CLOSED. Just a closed function EA with no ability to open a trade. All trades will be opened either manually or by another EA.

MT4 please

Thanks in anticipation!!


  • Hello, Thanks for offering your services. I and certainely appreciate it and i am sure so do a lot of other traders here. I have an idea  to create an EA for trading on  Binary MT5 volatility indices, it requires no indicators. The process is as follows the EA will open a pending order on CRASH or BOOM   Either buystop  or sellstop and will trail until activated with a spike. Then the process starts over again

Contact me if you’re interested and if you also want to learn how to develop your EA

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