1 Click Trading System With Stop Loss And Take Profit | SL & TP


1 Click Trading System With Stop Loss And Take Profit | SL & TP

There is quite a lot that I like about 1 Click Trading System. First off this system allows members to do real trading on real crypto exhanges. Most passive crypto opportunities ask you to send them your crypto, in the hope that they will do trading with it. Whenever you hand over your crypto you can be 95% sure that no real trading is taking place because most of these opportunities are just ponzis. Secondly, you receive daily trading signals which you can make real trades with at the click of a button. This is convenience in the palm of your hand.

With 1 Click Trading System you can rest assured that real trading is taking place, because it’s all taking place inside your own exchange account. The system connects to your secure trading account via API. Many people that I talk to do not properly understand what an API connection is…so let me explain.

Lets say you have an account on a crypto exchange, like Binance or Bittrex. As long as you keep your password safe, your funds are safe and secure. You can buy and sell crypto safely and withdraw to your external wallet whenever you wish. All the crypto exchanges allow API access. This means that you can allow software (such as 1 Click Trading System) to have limited access to your trading account.

This limited access means that, once connected, 1 Click Trading Access can buy and sell crypto on your account at the click of a button. That’s all it can do. It cannot withdraw your funds or change your password or anything like that. This limited access is safe and secure.

There are other features of 1 Click Trading System that make it smarter than some of the other exchange APIs out there. I will go into all of that as we get deeper into this review.

1 Click Trading System Review Summary

Product Type : Crypto Trading API with MLM commissions

Summary :  Real trading that can be profitable in the right conditions. Very convenient 1 Click Trading combined with daily signals. The service costs $99 per month. Referrers will earn residual income via the compensation plan.

Rating:  Very interesting

Verdict:  Very cool. I like the trailing stop-loss. Best of all you can market this anywhere including USA.


What Is 1 Click Trading System

Basically, it connects to your exchange via API. Currently the compatible exchanges are Binance, Bittrex and HitBTC, which should cover 90% of users. The API will allow you to manually approve trades on your connected exchange.

The suggested trades come via daily trade alerts which will ping your phone. You can set how much you want to trade and authorize the trade with one click on the app.

Trailing Stop Loss

The trailing stop loss makes it very simple to profit in the right conditions and will protect you should the market experience a downturn.

As you make trades a stop loss is automatically set. Whenever you make a profit your stop loss moves up. Lets say you make 5 winning trades in a row and have 1 BTC proft and lets say your stop loss have moved up to 0.7 BTC. In this scenario lets imagine that the market plummets.  The software will dump your trades and allow you to exit with a 0.7 BTC profit.  Then you can take a break and start approving trades once the dust has settled. I like this feature a lot.


The monthly subscription costs $99 per month.

Compensation Plan

Direct Commissions
$7 Monthly Recurring

Indirect Commissions (AKA Level 2-9)

$7 Monthly Recurring

Super Affiliate

Once you have 5 active direct referrals you will earn $14 per month on all referrals right down to and including the next Super Affiliate. Underneath the Super Affiliate you will continuing $7 for each sale.

If a particular genealogy has no Super Affiliate except for you, you will earn $14 monthly for every single sale going down to infinity. See below.

What I Like About 1 Click Trading System

Real Trading Protected By API

Real trades are taking place and you do not need to send your crypto to shady Russians and hope for the best. Very convenient to use as well. In the past when trading using signals, it can get unwieldy and annoying. 1 Click Trading System have streamlined it so that when you get the signal, you literally click one button to make the trade.

Trailing Stop Less

This solves a big problem for me in the past. I used to do manual stop-losses and often would forget. It just gets stressful and annoying. I like how the trailing stop loss is built into the whole system. I fell like this puts the odds in your favour quite a bit. Much more user friendly.

Make Your Weakness A Strength

Did you know that if this system was fully automated, it would not be legal in the USA. That is why you have to click the button to make the trade, this makes it only partially automated and therefore legal. There is a competing company (Auvoria Prime) that made a big mistake by pushing a fully automated trading system. When you go to join you will see it marked “Not Available For USA Residents”.

The smartest thing to do is opt for a 1 Click system and make it available for everyone including the biggest market of all the USA. I mean, it’s just 1 Click, its right there in the name. It sounds very appealing and you forget about the fact that it is not FULLY automated. I think the guys and 1 Click Trading System have a better appreciation for marketing and made a smart decision opting for a fully compliant software.

This will be much easier to market than Auvoria Prime and therefore a better choice for affiliates.

What I Dislike About 1 Click Trading System

This company had to make a tough choice and whenever this is the case, it turns out that you can never make everyone happy. The choice of being a fully automated software vs being partially automated ie 1 Click Trades.

I strongly believe that 1 Click Trading System have made the best decision by being partially automated. Obviously shutting out the USA like rivals have done (Auvoria Prime) seems like a pretty short sighted call.

That being said there is a down side to being only partly automated. I wonder how long it would take to become annoyed by having to click on the alerts each day to make trades. If I am making money, I guess it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. For some people it will get annoying they would would probably stop using the app.

The Real Deal

This is very interesting. Real trades. Good comp plan. And you can market this in the USA and worldwide.



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