How To know When To Buy And Sell in Forex Trading

welcome all traders..

First thing is i will add here for the set up of my trading method.

Now we go to 2nd rule.

2-how to know or tracking when should we enter for buy/sell..?
first for MA 5 high (red)
we must see if the MA 5(high) going outside top BB
if that happens so we can be ready for our sell set up.

second for MA 5 low (yellow)
also we must see if the MA 5 (yellow) going outside lower BB,if that happens so we can ready for buy set up
its a early sign, not valid for any action yet…

but market always tricky, sometimes those MA 5(high/low) not going outside but the set up still valid. its happen 2 years behind now.

3-now we start for sell set up
after MA 5 high going outside BB so we need to wait 1st bear cs to forming then we need a bull cs to test again at highest level before price to start reverse..
our entry is when price start to retest or trying to going higher again.. so we wait to sell at the nearest resistance level.

4-for buy set up..
after MA 5 low going outside BB then we wait for a bull cs to forming and then wait for bear cs to retest or going for lowest level again. So we wait at nearest support to buy.

i will add some of example so you all can try to understand it.
for target..
usually if the set up came from small time frame like m15/30 i take for 20-40pips
if set up came from h1/4,daily i will target for big and from weekly or monthly so more bigger target and long term trading i’ll set up..

usually at every of my entry i risk stop loss about 20-35pips, it  depends from what time frame i spot it.

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Kelvin January 8, 2020 at 12:44 pm

I will give it a try


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